Shirt, Zara; trousers, Mango, shoes, Superga; sunnies, Ray-Ban; bag, Zara

That moment when you stand in front of your closet and you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear, but actually have enough clothes to dress the entire Chinese population. This sounds familiar, right?

Lately I have been struggling with this 'problem' more and more, so that is why I decided to do a massive clear out.
Bye bye floral dress which I actually never wear but ''might be useful for some party some day''.  Bye bye jeans which turned out way to big for me but ''could be fun for a DIY''. Bye bye!

And then, after a long looooooong time, there was space left in my closet again. Slowly this got filled up with new pieces, and versatilely turned out to be the common denominator.

No more clueless mornings for me. My garderobe is now (almost) completely harmonized.

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


  1. Leuke outfit! Ik heb hetzelfde probleem op dit moment, dus ik denk dat ik al weet wat ik ga doen vanmiddag ;)

    xx Riëlle

  2. Prachtige outfit. En heel herkenbaar over je kledingkast. Ik heb laatst ook echt alles weggedaan wat ik bijna nooit meer aan deed. nu voelt het zo veel beter als ik naar mijn kast kijk. Ik zie nu ook echt wat er precies hangt.


  3. Great easy chic look.