With (fashion) blogs popping up like daisies, photography is often taken to the next level. Outfit pictures editorial-worthy keep showing up, the one even more breathtaking than the other. This I can totally understand, since distinguishing oneself has never been so important. It does makes me wondering though, what is wrong with an 'oldskool' all smiles picture? Why the tendency to look so serious in those (still gorgeous) shots?

Now do not get me wrong; those pictures are certainly a pleasure to look at, but so is a smile. So I will just keep smiling and smiling, because that is just who I am. And maybe it is my way of distinguishing myself from all the seriousness out there.

What do you prefer to see in (outfit) posts?

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


  1. Je hebt helemaal gelijk. Ik zelf heb serieuze en niet-zo-serieuze foto's als ik een outfit fotografeer, en die combi vind ik het leukst. Een beetje positiveit in je foto's is altijd leuk toch!! :) x

    1. Ja precies, het gaat om de combinatie tussen serieus en lachen! :)

  2. I prefer smiling pictures, so much more fun!

  3. Lachende foto's vind ik zelf altijd het mooist, maar de afwisseling is inderdaad ook leuk :)

  4. Love the smile :)

    xx Lindsey