Scarf H&M Divided

Even though the holiday season comes with many good things - think: lots of food, being surrounded with friends and family and no/less school or work -, it can also puts one under some stress. What to cook for Christmas dinner? When to buy a Christmas tree? What to wear? What gifts to buy for family and friends?
Well, unfortunately I can not really help you out with the first two questions since I am neither a master chef nor very good at planning activities for others. However, for the last two questions there is Ellen to the rescue! Next week I will publish a post filled with the prettiest dresses, the most gorgeous shoes and the fanciest bags in order to give you some inspiration for what to wear during the holiday season.

Today I will give you a hint on what to buy for your mother/sister/friend/any other female person you have to buy a gift for. For Sinterklaas I bought the scarf above for my mom and it absolutely hit the bull's eye. Though I was not very surprised by that, since it is the softest, biggest and at the same time one of the most affordable scarfs I have seen in a long time. Oh, and it comes in many different colors and prints too.
So if I was you, I would make a run for it! Too lazy to get off the couch? You can buy it online as well.

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