Ph/ Pinterest, afterDRK (1), Park & Cube (3) and My Dubio (4)

A brief summary of my week: tissues, paracetamol, nasal spray and lozenges. Yes, I caught the flu. The only benefit of this was that I could legitimately spent all day in bed, with tea in my hand and laptop within reach to browse the web for knit and scarf inspiration. Because let's be honest, that is just the best medicine after all, right?
And since me not feeling well results in me being the worst blogger ever (read: zero new posts), I decided to share the pictures which made it into my inspiration folder with you. 
So tell me, was your week way more exciting than mine?

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  1. Vooral die eerste trui is geweldig <3 Maar zulke jassen zijn altijd mooi :)!
    Wij houden een giveaway, je kunt een 88 color oogschaduw palette winnen. Heb je zin om mee te doen?

  2. super inspiration, you have such great taste

  3. wauw prachtige inspiratie, die eerste trui!!

  4. My week wasnt any more inspiring unfortunately. But love this great collection of photos you put together. I need more cosiness in my life :-) xx