Some of my Instagram pictures (here & here) and this post may already have given it away a bit, but my inner mademoiselle is finally seeing some day light! Heels? Nope, no heels. Skirts! Really, skirts! (Mom, you reading this? I bet you're super proud of me right now!)

How this all happened, you ask?


After that insane amount of rain and wind we Dutchies had to deal with the past couple of weeks I thought I was never going to say this again but boy, it's HOT! 32°C and counting - they say it's going to be 36 tomorrow?!!! Not that I am complaining, though.

What I personally love most about Summer is that wearing sunglasses becomes an absolute necessity rather than just a way to hide those I'm-too-lazy-to-put-on-makeup eyebags. Also, there are people who say shoes make or break the outfit but I guess these people never heard of sunglasses. 

You agree, don't agree? In any case, happy sunny weekend!

Sunnies, & Other Stories 

Picture by Sonja Vogel


Local Greek shampoos, spotted at Rhodos two years ago.

So here's a question for you: how often do you wash your hair?

Because I am currently doing this little experiment of letting as many days as possible pass by until my hair gets greasy and I have to wash it. High score: five days. FIVE!

Now you might think this is super gross but research has actually proven otherwise. They say daily (or every other day) washing traps the natural oils in your hair, with them coming back even oilier than before as a result. So how to put this big hairy oil platform on hold? Exactly! Buh-bye washing!

But I know the amount of washing depends greatly on your lifestyle, workout routine, how often you accidentally smear peanut butter in your hair etc., so I asked myself, some girl friends and the one and only mom about their shower rituals. Ready, set, SPLASH!


Hey hello, here I am again! No, I was not kidnapped by aliens nor was I considering to quit the Wonder World Of Fashion Blogging. You know the drill don't you? Uni was taking the better of me blablabla but every exam has been taken and every paper has been handed in, so I'm back!

And what better way to kickoff my return (ha that sounds dramatic) than by talking kickass workouts? Just do it, anyone?


When you would ask me about the things in life that make me very really extremely happy (no idea why you would do that in the first place but soit), my answer would probably involve a. anything food-related or b. pyjamas all day every day. Or c. food and pyjamas in the mix.

Now I remember saying a little while ago that I am not utterly interested in what anyone else thinks of the way I dress but, like, you know... Really wear pyjama pants all day every day? Even strikes me as going too far.

And then I bumped into a pair of pants that is supposed to be for daily wear but actually feels (and looks?) like PJs.


Wiiiiiiiiiii!! Woop Woop! Sale is here!

Can you tell I am excited about it? I guess so, yes.

But that's not why I am here in the first place. Because unless you are living under a giant rock you probably already know sale has started and unless you like breaking your piggy bank you probably are just as excited as I am.

So then what is this post really about? *drumrolls please* Today I am sharing eleven tips and tricks I gained from personal experience (and believe me, I have a LOT when it comes to sale shopping) on how to successfully work your way through both discount stickers/codes/promos as well as grabby and greedy competitors. Because sale shopping is basically just doing business, the one with the best strategy goes home with the price.


When it comes to versatility, I truly consider the silk shirt (ok ok maybe together with a decent pair of monochrome sneakers) to be on top. Whether it is in black, white or some shade on the other end of the rainbow.

Not convinced yet? Let's take a look how I wear it to 9AM lectures (piece of cake (and now I am craving cake) for early birds like myself) as well as to dinner dates involving big pizzas and certain liquids.