Blazer, Zara; t-shirt, Buy Me Brunch; trousers, River Woods; boots, Balenciaga

I bet all of you are familiar with the bags-under-the-eyes situation after a night of dancing 'till you drop/watching too many episodes of Gossip Girl/studying with energy drinks and coffee within reach.  FYI: the latter is what is going on in my life at the moment.
Now there are probably thousands of beauty-related tools to solve this problem, but since I am anything but a beauty expert I unfortunately can not help you out with that. What I can do however, is sharing this simple but very useful tip with you.

Just create some distraction for the people around you. Wait, what??? Distraction! In the form of a tee that simply draws all the attention. Problem solved.

PS. This one says 'polite as fuck'

Pictures by Sonja Vogel
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Necklace, via Etsy

As the observant readers among us may already have noticed, there is a new accessory in town! Though I prefer a proper introduction, so all say hi to this super delicate silver bar.

I guess this is going to be a true love story.


Coat, Mango; top, Claesens; trousers, Mango; sneakers, Adidas; bag, Novelty

As much as I love myself a good shoe or an awesome piece of clothing, as little am I interested in a proper bag. 

Most of the time I carry my stuff around in my (mom's) vintage Mulberry backpack (seen for example here, here and here), but when I am more in a lightweighted-bag-mood I just grab one of my 37382918 canvas bags. 

This one features Bambi Northwood (hashtag girlcrush) and makes a good team with my Superstars, don't you think?

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


Shirt, Zara

As part of my mission to put more effort into dressing, here is something which makes that less of a challenge. Something that makes you look instant chic when you put it on. Something that will never ever go out of style.

The white shirt. One of my all time favorite classics.

I already found the perfect long sleeve one two years ago (it is by Bruuns Bazaar), but it was not until last week that I bumped into this cropped and slightly oversized beauty by Zara.

Teamed up with cut-off denim shorts and some simple sandals makes my Summer uniform a fact.

Any thoughts on white shirts?


Denim blouse, Zara; top, unknown; jeans, Paige; sneakers, Superga

When I had to describe myself in a couple of words, lazy would be most definitely be included.

Now do not get me wrong, it is not the case that prefer to spend every weekend in bed and just watch series (although I do not mind doing so every once in a while). Or go to school every day by public transport rather than by bicycle (Amsterdam is way too pretty for that!). It is just that I am lazy when it comes to how I look and how I dress.

I do not know why - or actually I do, I just love snoozing - but I always tend to put minimal effort into dressing in the morning. Top + jeans + sneakers and I am good to go. Lately however, I am trying to break through this daily routine by looking a little more... dressed up? And one of the most easy way to accomplish this is by going for something more exciting than the usual black/white/grey t-shirt. And if you would ask me, this mesh top is certainly more exciting. It is all about playing with textures.

Easy dressing, but with a teeny tiny spicy touch. Yeah, I could live with that.