A little while ago I was asked to describe myself in five hashtags (Dutchies, you can read the whole interview here) and #letmetakeapictureforinsta inevitably made the cut. I take a picture of almost every blade of grass I come across, which leads to the fact that the amount of sighs I hear when people have to wait for me once again cannot be counted on the fingers of less than a hundred hands. Also, I sometimes found myself looking at an entire blank piece of paper at the end of a lecture as a result of binge-scrolling, -exploring and -liking on Instagram. Addict, me??!

But like the famous Johan Cruyff once said, every disadvantage has its advantage. I actually gathered quite a bunch of awesome and enviable feeds by now, so why not share them with you guys!


So it wasn't until last week while diving into one of Zara's famous (or should I say infamous?) sale piles when I realized quoted t-shirts are kind of really my weak suit. I mean I found myself dragging the maximum amount allowed in tops to the fitting room with the most meaningless yet most awesome quotes you can think of on it.
I hate Mondays, for example. Or Tokyo mirrored.

Gotta love it!

T-shirt, Zara


Even though I prefer to keep this one happy place, I really have to blow off some steam and turn my little piece of internet into a virtual wailing wall for a day. Because boy, what on earth is up with the Dutch weather the last couple of weeks!!! So much rain I get soaking wet at least two times a day. So much wind it is a miracle I have not been blown of my bike yet straight into the Amstel river. So much freezing air I caught my death of cold. Ugh!

But I will not let these fifty shades of grey skies kick my ass.


Good friends are like pizzas, they can cheer you up in the darkest of times. But good stylish friends, that is a whole other level of awesomeness.


And I know this probably sounds like a super dumb question to 99.9% of you, but I am just really curious. Because honestly, I rarely brush mine. And not because I am too lazy!!! (Like with make up)

It is more that I feel a teeny tiny bit like Erin Wasson (epitome of girl crush) when I conquer the world with my
I woke up like dis coupe. "Oh look, my hair. It's so messy and I don't give a sh*t.''. Or something like that.

So now tell me, do you brush?


I don't know exactly why, but I have always considered brown to be the colour palette's ugly duckling. Because think about it for a second, most appalling things in life are brown (ok, chocolate being the exception to the rule)! Mud, overripe avocados, the typical old-fashioned furniture... 

But then, then I met brown's baby sister camel and it truly was love at first sight. *hearteyes*


It is not that I want to pat myself on my shoulder or something (actually, I do), but I think I am sticking quite nicely to my sartorial goal in life. I even got myself green boots. GREEN. BOOTS.

And I know I said I was going to avoid the remaining days of sale, but I did not exactly buy these boots. (Don't worry, I did not steal them either)