According to RTL Boulevard (Dutch TV show) and their episode of last Wednesday lace details are hot. Well, lucky me! Because out of the three tops I got myself back in Lisbon two of them involve laces.


Back in Lisbon we visited this very cool store called Typographia where they sell the coolest t-shirts all designed by locals. Bob picked a blue one with something that looks like the coordinates van Lisbon on it (but truth be told, I'm not entirely sure) and I went for one with Lisboa on it in graphics. But there was another shirt that grabbed my attention. Mess is more, instead of the usual less is more babble. Now do not get me wrong, to a certain extent I do agree with the whole less is more thingy but it is just so... Cheesy.

Anyway! Mess is more, it said. And as the fashion freak that I am, I can only think of this in terms of wardrobes. And as the neurotic perfectionist that I am, I hate it that I can't just pinpoint what 'more' is supposed to mean.

But here is what I think it means. Sartorially speaking.


As you and my online amigos over at Instagram may already know I was in Lisbon last week and *insert Robin Thicke's voice* I didn't like it, I loved it. Hence my teeny tiny hiatus, because even though I planned on finishing up some posts while I was there in the end I considered discovering the best burger places a little more important #confessionsofabadblogger.


Let's talk belts shall we?

Do you wear a belt? If so, do you wear it because it looks cool or because your pant need some extra help staying where it's supposed to be? Do you wear them skinny? Or do you prefer more wide ones? So many questions!!!


Wiiiiiii, I'm flying to Lisbon this afternoon! Or if you're completely hungover, only just woke up and reading this somewhere in the evening: I'm currently on plane heading towards the city of....? City of pastéis de Belém? 

Ok. All very well but I told you this like a thousand times already so let's hop over to more practical manners. Because omg what to pack?!

I am by no means an expert, but here is what I carry in my hand luggage when hopping on a plane.


If you are Dutch and into food you have probably seen this tag a million times already but I hope you are ready for one more because you know what? I'm joining the bandwagon! It's your lucky day now isn't it?

For the non Dutchies and non foodlovers (HOW?!): the tag is basically about sharing ten - but I'm doing eleven because duh - confessions about food.

Also, one last thing before I'm diving into the confession booth. This online diary of mine is absolutely not going to turn into a food blog (even though a lot of people suggest it should - but truth is I can't really cook) but I do really very much love food so I am planning on sharing more of it. Recipes? Nah. Hotspots? YES!

But in the meantime you can enjoy (?) yourself with these eleven disclosures.


Let me start by saying that this post is here not because I find myself super interesting and cool and living an awesome life (sometimes yes, not all the time) but more because I figured it would be a fun way to show you what I do/wear/eat on a random Thursday. Last Thursday, to be exact.



SUMMER BREAK IS HERE!!! Ha, I wish. I have yet to get back the grades on my last two papers but let's just assume they're both satisfactory shall we? Because I want to talk Summer plans!