Dress, check. Hat, check. Even my bathrobe, check. But no pants! None, zero, nil. Well... You can probably imagine how restless I turned when I realized there was just no bottom wear with my favourite print to be found in my closet.

Obviously serious measures had to be taken.


Whereas it was navy that made my heart skip several beats last Winter, this Spring all I can think of is baby blue, baby blue and... More baby blue!

Cause? You, mister Williams! (Ha, not that he is reading this but whatever)


You see (pun intended), my eyes are kind of an issue. I was born with a cataract - there you go, Wikipedia knows everything - and so I am for fifty percent blind in one eye, which sounds far worse than it in fact is. Albeit only an operation and no type of eyewear in the world can fix this, glasses can help a bit to see things (like the slides during lectures) somewhat clearer. Nonetheless it took me a year or so to get my eyes tested again and find a new, decent pair of opticals (my old ones only gave me headaches). Lazy, moi?


I think I first came across Sonja in a What Are You Wearing Today topic at a forum somewhere. And even though at the time our styles were already the complete opposite, I started following her and vice versa. A couple of months later I moved to Amsterdam and that was when she dropped me an email asking if I was up to shooting some time together. Uhh, please! Some familiar faces in my new hometown were more than welcome plus I just had to see that gorgeous hair of hers in real life.

As from that email almost no day has gone by where we did not send each other stickers of cacti (cactuses?) on Facebook and chat about all the crazy - CRAZY! - blog ideas we have. Style Switch being one of them. Because let's think about it, wouldn't it be absolute awesomesauce to see Sonja in sneakers? And me in a tulle skirt? If so...
Today is your lucky day!


When my good ol' trusty bike got stolen last month and I unexpectedly got this two wheeler (without pedals though) from two random men on the street - THANKS AGAIN! - I figured it was a sign to finally feature my bike on, something I have been wanting to do for ages. Why? I have no clue.


Before I start wishing you a very happy (somewhat belated) Easter, I would like to get some fist pumps because boy do you know how hard it is for a chocolate freak like myself to take pictures of this bunny without taking a single bite? Damn hard, I can tell.


Would I be repeating myself if I'd say I like my jewelry to be subtle? Uh huh honey... And that I am a big fan of layering, I have said that more than once too right?

So I guess that makes this post completely superfluous but I still want to show my new favourite mix & match in the necklace department. It is the perfect combination to fall back on when I feel like ditching that somewhat narcissistic piece glued around my neck for a day.

You like?

Hoop, H&M; bar, via Etsy