Call the newspapers, yours truly has got something shocking to say!

Okay, there we go. I have a huge crush on black, white and their common denominator grey.

Well that was some breaking news, wasn't it?

No but seriously, as you already know color is just not my cup of tea. Dressing wise, this is. Because something I like to do every summer is to collect some threads for my wrists and the brighter, the better. It is just a very welcome little memory of that summer getaway when mr. Rain is making his appearance.

Like today. And yesterday. And the entire last week. Meh...
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A couple of weeks ago I already told you about the little things that make me happy, but here is another one that totally deserves a post on its own.

Whether it's on the morning after a night with some (read: too many) drinks or during a sunny afternoon, biking through Amsterdam is something I absolutely love to do.

Now tell me about your little moments of pleasure!


The one moment I was sweating my ass off in 35 degrees and two and a half hours later I got caught in an enormous downpour. Yes, my return to Amsterdam after two weeks Italy was really what they call an anticlimax.

But since I prefer to keep things positive around here, I would like to mention the benefit of the current - checking it on my iPhone - 16 degrees. It is leather weather in the city! Not only am I able to wear my best friend forever a.k.a. this leather jacket, but my dream boots too.

Fall in Amsterdam ain't that bad...

Jacket, H&M The New Icons; top, Asos; trousers, Mango; shoes, Balenciaga

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


In case you haven't noticed, August has arrived and that means slowly but surely transitioning into fall. So yes, a new wardrobe it is. Or at least we wish it is, because sometimes we just don't have the means for it.

And with means I am not only talking money, but space as well. Yes, we fashion savvy girls stand on top when it comes to hoarding. This might seem fun, a closet (or two) overfilled with clothes/shoes/accessories, but nothing could be further from the truth. Besides the fact that this often leads to ''oh my god, I have nothing to wear!''- mornings, it also makes shopping sprees impossible. Because leaving your new and precious pieces on the floor, yeah...

Anyway, this life hack is here to help you out with the latter! I read about this idea around a year ago (but I forget where, so unfortunately I can't give anyone any credit) and I am using it ever since. If you want to detox you wardrobe, but don't know how and where to start, just turn all hangers in your closet backwards. Once you have worn something, turn the hanger back to normal. If a hanger has not been turned after a certain time period (choose whatever works for you, but keep in mind that you don't wear certain pieces in certain seasons), you can safely say that piece has to leave the building.

The same can be done for folded tops and trousers of course; just create two piles or fold them in different ways.

So, are you going to put this into practice?