Prints and me is what you call a real love hate affair. Most of the time I fancy them on others, but whenever I try on something with a pattern I almost feel like a wannabe clown.

Maybe I am a little exaggerating here and there (I mean, can you ever go wrong with stripes?), but fact is that wearing - for example - a leopard print is pretty damn bold for me. When the moment that I gathered all my guts is actually finally there, I always still play kind of safe and team the print up with my best friends forever a.k.a. black, white and grey. Nope, no print on print for this coward!

Now tell me, how do you wear your prints? Mixing and matching or just one key piece?

Leopard and snake, Zara; stripes and dots, H&M
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Picture taken on Rhodos last year

As you are reading this I am about to hop on a plane heading to the only land I could easily double my weight in within two weeks (pizza, pasta, gelato, more pizza...). Yes, the Italian cuisine is hands down my favorite.

Okay, enough about food (honestly I would like to talk about it for the rest of this post, but yeah...). Tell me what's on your schedule the upcoming months! Any exciting getaway plans? Chilling at home? I would love to hear.

Anyways, see you on the other side!

PS. If you happen to be curious about my Italian (food) adventures, you can always take a peek at my Instagram.
PPS. Tips on eat/drink/shop/visit spots in Puglia (it's in the heel of Italy) are very much appreciated!


I was planning on writing about me being more into skirts and dresses lately, but then I realized that most of you will not even consider this sweat version to be the real deal. And I can't contradict you on that, because basically it is just on oversized t-shirt.

And yes, I know that (most of the) dresses are supposed to be feminine and flattering and such, but this is just my inner rebellion embracing comfiness to the max and loving it.

PS. How do you like my coupe du chaos? ;-)

Dress, Weekday; sandals, Zara; sunglasses, Komono

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


When someone asks me to share a random fact about myself (not that this happen on a regular basis, but who cares), I often tell them I don't like to see/go to the movies. Their face when they hear this is close to the blueish emoticon on Whatsapp with the open mouth and the two hands on the head. (Not sure what I mean, click here)

So, why the movie dislike you may wonder? It is simply due to the fact that my power of concentration is similar to a goldfish's. Meaning: I get distracted supa dupa fast.

Though when I heard that The Fault In Our Stars would make an appearance on the big screen, I grabbed my phone and immediately reserved tickets.

To cut a long story short, TFIOS was the first movie that made me cry (no, not even the Titanic could pull that off). And that says a lot. So if you happen to get bored some day this summer break, get yourself a ticket and a tissue!

For those who have seen it already, what did you think?


It all started with the super popular - though quite expensive - Chanel ones and now every single highstreet giant has a pair (or two) in their summer collection.

But when I think of espadrilles, I think of those classic ones sold in a random Mediterranean shop. And since I am heading south in one week and well begun is half done, I swiped my credit card at H&M a couple of days ago and got myself these not so classic yet very cool espadrilles.

It is going to be one h*ll of a shiny summer!

PS. My mom bought the same, but in leopard print! She is definitely not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. Hashtag Mean Girls.
PPS. Do you own any?

Espadrilles, H&M