Hello September; hello (meteorological) fall!

I don't know about you (but I do want to know, so please leave a comment!), but fall is my favorite season. Dressing wise that is.

Think (subtile) layering, ankle boots, leather jackets and the fact that you can still wear sunnies to catch the last sunbeams of the year. Seriously, isn't that just the best of both worlds seasons?

Happy fall everyone!

Coat, Maison Scotch; jacket, H&M The New Icons; top, Filippa K
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Hereby I would like to thank the inventor of eBay for coming up with the perfect solution for lazy shoppers like myself.

For some particular weird reason I ended up not buying these patent loafers last season and I regretted this ever since. However, two weeks ago a lightbulb suddenly went off in my head and I took a run to my laptop for a thorough search on the online marketplace.

Scroll, scroll, scroll... YES!

There they were. Being all fine and dandy, but even more important; brand new and my size.

Ah, you know what they say. Better late than never.

Loafers, Zara

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


Let's start this post with talking about what we Dutchies are best at; the weather. Because seriously, is this amount of rain in August even legal?

Anyway, it is the perfect opportunity to crawl back into bed and catch up with your favorite fashion blogs while enjoying the biggest mug of hot chocolate. And no, this isn't as good as afternoon drinks with your girlfriends at any place sunny (if you would ask me), but you just can't have it all.

So below you will find my five favorite fashion-savvy girls from the world wide web, in random order. Who is your online crush?

1/ Charlie May - Girl a la Mode
2/ Sabrina Meyer - afterDRK
3/ Garance Doré - Garance Doré
4/ Shini Park - Park & Cube
5/ Camilla Ackley - Into The Fold

Picture via Pinterest


Back in Italy I had quite a tough talk with my little brother about the way I dress. According to him, my borrowing from the boys is more the rule than the exception. Also, why am I wearing oversized shirts and jackets when I have no muffin tops to hide?
On a side note, all of this got discussed over some very good carpaccio di bresaola and one of the biggest pizzas I have ever seen.

But back to the big and burning question; why don't I try to look more feminine every once in a while? A skirt here, a heel there... Boys would appreciate that, so he says.

I told him I would never change the way I dress for a guy. Clothes before bros, you know. And the opposite sex may like the tightest of dresses and the highest of heels, but what about self-confidence? If you like what you wear and you are showing that off, you look way better than when you are wearing something you actually don't really feel comfortable in.


PS. Bob, remember you said you wanted to be featured on my blog? Here you go!

Jacket, H&M (boys dep.); shirt, Zara; trousers, H&M; shoes, Nike

Pictures by Sonja Vogel


Call the newspapers, yours truly has got something shocking to say!

Okay, there we go. I have a huge crush on black, white and their common denominator grey.

Well that was some breaking news, wasn't it?

No but seriously, as you already know color is just not my cup of tea. Dressing wise, this is. Because something I like to do every summer is to collect some threads for my wrists and the brighter, the better. It is just a very welcome little memory of that summer getaway when mr. Rain is making his appearance.

Like today. And yesterday. And the entire last week. Meh...