So the wait is over, here I am with my brand new hair cut! Now you can all get a peaceful sleep tonight, instead of refreshing every second. Right?

On a completely different note, cropped black trousers seem to be glued on my legs lately. Seriously, just check my last three (or four, if you include this one) outfits and you got your proof. Do you by chance now some sort of institution where they do Cropped Black Trousers rehab?

Shirt and top, Zara; trousers, Cos; shoes, Converse

Pictures by Sonja Vogel
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I could spend days on Pinterest drooling over the most awesome earspiration, but somehow I never invest this amount of time on actually decorating my own ears.

Two simple silver hoops have been occupying my right ear since forever and in my left ear you will find the basic stud they pierced my ear with years ago. Hashtag boring! Luckily I came across this chic dangling earring while doing a massive cleanup in my room and just like that there was an earparty going on.

What is in your ears?

PS. Last week I added these to my modest collection, aren't they cool?

Earring, De Bijenkorf

Picture by Sonja Vogel


It is not that I want to scare you or something, but it is only fifteen more Fridays until Christmas. Yes, you are reading that right. The fat man with a beard on a sleigh pulled by reindeers. Ho ho!

No but seriously, is time flying or what? Anyway, we better start prepping before the cold really sets in. Which means... Back to black, cashmere and ankle boots!

Hold your fedoras guys, it is going to be a crazy (snowy, windy, rainy) ride.

Skirt, Rika; candle, H&M Home; notebook, Happy Jackson London; necklace, Regal Rose; bag, & Other Stories; knit, Zara; hat, Rag & Bone; bralette, H&M; scarf, Zara; nail polish, Essie; boots, Acne Studios


A denim jacket is one of those typical pieces that goes around and comes around (*insert the Justin Timberlake tune here*), but never leaves the fashion world. No, it is not your ordinary classic piece (such as a white shirt), but fits every style out there.

Not convinced yet? Even Sonja a.ka. the queen of 50s dressing mentioned she was looking for her perfect denim jacket. You see? This non-obvious classic is everyone's best friend.

PS. These pictures were taken pre-chop.

Jacket, Diesel; top, Monki; trousers, Mango; shoes, Adidas; bag, Zara; sunglasses, Komono

Pictures by Sonja Vogel 


Yes, that was the question!

Back in the days during the Diddl phase (please tell me I was not the only one collecting those images/stationary/stickers etc. !), all I wanted my hair to be was long longer longest. It was for my mom to drag my to the hairdresser every once in a while, otherwise my locks would have definitely reached my butt.

Somewhere around the each of sixteen though - you know, the rebellious years -, I impulsively decided to let it all chop off and I have been doing this ever since. Best. Decision. Ever.

But guess what, short turned out to be not short enough. A long bob was on my hair wish list and so I spend days on Pinterest drooling over messy short locks. Fun fact: the same woman who would have done everything a couple of years ago to get me a proper chop, was strongly against this. Too bad for her my inner rebel was still in tha house and so the bob happened yesterday.

Stay tuned for the result or just take a peek at my Instagram...