Do you remember those little friendship booklets everyone and their labradoodle had back in the days? With questions varying from ''coolest thing we ever did together'', ''who would you take with you to a desert island'' to ''how would you describe yourself in a couple of words''. Do you remember?

Whereas I would nowadays describe myself as control freak, no cat fan and always hungry, I used to consistently answer this question with book worm. Reading was pretty much all I ever did in those day and I looooooved it.

But then, then I jumped into university life and things drastically changed.


By the time you are reading this I am hopefully busy nailing my Operations & Process Management exam. Read: hopefully!!! Because with the end of the school year in sight all I have been doing lately seem to be procrastinating. Make multiple batches of brownies (the salted caramel/oreo version being my absolute favourite!), watch a season a day on Netflix, do some online shopping... Been there, done all of that.

Bright side? Bumping into the raddest of earrings on Etsy!

''Every disadvantage has its advantage'' - Johan Cruyff

Get them HERE


If some years ago you would have told me that one day in 2015 I was going to wear floral print AND blue denim in ONE outfit I would have probably referred you to the nearest mental institution. And laughed so hard it would hurt my nonexistent abs.

Nonetheless here I am, wearing both.


Can I get a woop woop and a fist pump please because you know what? Spring has finally sprung!!! But... Wait.
I said that last week already. Do we care? Nahh we don't. I mean, we finally saw some sun again after weeks (months!) of rain and cold and hail in Amsterdam so we have to celebrate. Hence once again: SPRING IS HERE! (As I am publishing this it is raining cats and dogs outside though...)

That being said, let's chat a little about what is going to be on our feet this Spring.


It is no secret that I love LOVE shopping. Nor that I am a student. With the notorious budget. The struggle is real, I can tell you.

But since I am a firm believer of the ''there is no problem that cannot be solved'' - maybe except for cocoa running out *insert cry emojis* - I have found multiple ways to shop without breaking my piggy bank. Think: sale sale sale. Think: sell every single thing I have not touched for a certain period of time and only then buy something new. Think: thrift shopping. I'm gonna pop some tagszzzz.

So let me present to you... My favourite thrift shops in town!


Be warned: this post may or may not be the most superficial one I will ever write slash have ever written. But let's talk gadgets a little shall we? And phones, in particular? Because I have a new one and boy how I looooooove it!! Told you this was going to be a quality piece.


I have to say I felt bits of hesitation when I wrote down this title but since they say that April showers bring May flowers (and we saw quite some raindrops last month!) I did it anyway. Such a rebel, huh.